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South Australia Outlaws Gay Panic Defence - Star Observer
In the lead up to it, South Australia’s Law Reform Institute called out the gay panic defence in two separate reports, before calling for it to be abolished by the State Government in 2018. The report found that in the last decade, the law had only been used four times, with a tragic example being the case of Andrew Negre.

Australia Has Now Completely Abolished The Gay Panic
gay panic law australia This means that South Australia is the only state in Australia to keep this homophobic and outdated law. Also known as the "homosexual advance defence (HAD) strategy", the gay panic defence is an argument made by lawyers to downgrade murder sentences to manslaughter.

What Is The Gay Panic Defence, And - HuffPost Australia
The ‘gay panic’ defence sparked debate again last week following South Australian Michael John Lindsey’s successful High Court appeal. The defence, which has been long abolished in New South Wales but remains in South Australia and in Queensland, allowed Lindsey to argue that the victim he bashed to death in 2011 had caused him to lose control by making unwanted …

The "Gay Panic" Defence- A Defence to Murder
gay panic law australia The gay panic defence allows a charge of murder to be downgraded to manslaughter in certain circumstances South Australian Parliament has abolished …

Abolish the gay panic defence law in South Australia
The “Gay Panic” Defence- A Defence to Murder. The ‘gay panic’ defense – still being used in Australia today. Just as gay people are winning the fight for equality and acceptance in many places around the world with same-sex marriage legally recognised in currently 15 countries including: Canada, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, South Africa, Portugal, Denmark, etc.; there is a law

South Australia to finally scrap gay panic defence by
The abhorrent legal defence of “gay panic” has finally been kicked out of Australia with South Australia becoming the last state to pass a legislation to abolish it late on Tuesday evening.

South Australia becomes final state to abolish gay panic
gay panic law australia South Australia has finally abolished the ‘gay panic’ defence for violent crimes, becoming the last state in Australia to do so. It is officially called the provocation defence or the

Abhorrent gay panic defence finally abolished in Australia
South Australias Attorney-General Vickie Chapman says the state will finally remove the gay panic defence from its criminal code by the end of 2019.

SA led the way for many reforms, so why is gay panic
gay panic law australia This decision effectively instituted the gay panic defence into national case law. In the most recent use of the gay panic defence in South Australia, Michael Joseph Lindsay was …