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Demographics of sexual orientation - Wikipedia

A gay identity was more common among men (6.1%) than women (1%), and the opposite was true of heterosexuality (men: 89.9%, women: 95%). No differences were found in the share identifying as bisexual (2.4% versus 2.5%). London had a higher share of middle aged or older people identifying as gay (8%) or bisexual (6%) than other parts of the country.

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In 2014, there were approximately 267,900 people who identified as gay or lesbian and 254,900 who were classified as other. Together, these people represented about three per cent of the population (excluding people whose response was unknown).

14 Unbelievable Facts About LGBT Rights In Australia

Australia is one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world. In a 2013 Pew Research poll, 79% of Australians agreed that homosexuality should be accepted by society, making it the fifth most supportive country in the survey behind Spain (88%), Germany (87%), Canada and the Czech Republic (both 80%). With a long history of LGBT rights activism and an annual three-week-long Mardi Gras

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people in Australia still experience discrimination, harassment and hostility in many parts of everyday life; in public, at work and study, accessing health and other services and securing proper recognition of their sex in official documents.

What Percentage of the Population is Gay 2021

percentage of gay people australia How many Australians are gay? To understand what percentage of Australia is gay, a report by the Australian Human Rights Commission gives us some insight. In 2014 it published results that showed up to 11 in 100 Australians have a diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, or sex.

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Citing the most recent Australian survey conducted by Roy Morgan on the gay population of Australia: the survey suggests there are 4.6% of Australian teenagers who agree with the statement: “I consider myself a homosexual”. This number decreases to 6.5% of people in their 20s, 4.2% of people in their 30s, 2.8% in their 40s and only 1.7% of people aged 50+.

How many people are gay? 15+ LGBT Population Statistics (2020)

limited to gay, lesbian and bisexual people. It is currently not possible to accurately describe the health of LGBTI people in Australia due to the lack of national population-based data collections that include relevant data items. This situation could be dealt with by developing

The 2020 update - LGBTIQ+ Health Australia

People with an Intersex variation aged 16 and over are twice as likely to be diagnosed with anxiety in their lifetime; Statistics for LGBTI Population. 31.5% of homosexual/Bisexual people aged 16 and over in Australia met the criteria for an Anxiety Disorder in the last 12 months