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Celebrities Applaud Australians For Supporting Same-Sex
Same-sex marriage: This is everyone who didnt vote to
GAY rights supporters celebrated today after the same-sex marriage bill in Australia was finally passed. Following an emotional couple of weeks in Parliament, the result that many have been
Same-sex marriage legal in Australia: Celebrities react on same sex marriage australia twitter
In addition to three members of the Coalition and a crossbencher who voted no, at least 10 Government MPs chose to abstain from Thursdays final conscience vote on same-sex marriage in the House
Powerful photos show Australians celebrating same-sex same sex marriage australia twitter
Against this brief background, I present my responses, as factually as I can, to dispel some of the most misinformed commentary spreading around the Internet and the mainstream media about same-sex marriage in Australia. Here are nine of the most persistent myths about same-sex marriage in Australia. Myth 1: ‘Gays already have legal equality!’
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lifestyle; relationships; marriage; Two lesbian couples celebrate first legal same-sex weddings in Australia. TWO lesbian couples have become the first people to legally marry in this country
Same-sex marriage: First gay weddings in Australia
Shortly after the U.S. ruling on same-sex marriage Friday morning, topics related to the Supreme Court’s decision began trending on Twitter. At first there was #MarriageEquality, 14th Amendment
CNN on Twitter: "JUST IN: Australia has said "yes" to same sex marriage australia twitter
The new law will change the definition of marriage in Australia from “the union of a man and a woman” to “the union of two people,” the Times reported, and it will recognize the marriages of same-sex couples who married overseas.
The Australian on Twitter: "Try speaking out against same same sex marriage australia twitter
A majority of Australians said yes to marriage equality in a nationwide poll on same-sex marriage released Wednesday. There’s been a long-fought campaign to change the laws regarding marriage in the country, and the survey from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed a 61 percent majority of citizens favor legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia.
Same-Sex Marriage: nine most persistent myths in Australia same sex marriage australia twitter
The enormous cost of Australia’s same-sex marriage postal vote in 2017 has been revealed in startling new research — and it goes well beyond the $122 million price tag.