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Same-sex families: services & resources | Raising Children

Australian families are characterised by increasing diversity – including a rise in the number of same-sex couple families. The Australian Census started collecting information on same-sex couples in 1996. According to the 2011 Census, there were 33,700 same-sex couples in Australia, a rise of 32% since 2006 (ABS, 2012).

Same-Sex: Same Entitlements: Chapter 5 | Australian Human

Same-sex parented families in Australia are often created through assisted reproductive technologies and foster care, yet a substantial number of children being raised by lesbian or gay parents, like many children raised by heterosexual couples, have experienced their parents divorce and were born in the context of prior heterosexual marriages.

[PDF] Same-sex parented families in Australia | Semantic

Australia wide. Australian Human Rights Commission – LGBTI Its website has information and updates on laws affecting same-sex parents. Rainbow Families This volunteer organisation provides a network of support to children and families within the NSW LGBTIQ community.

Same-Sex: Same Entitlements: Chapter 3 | Australian Human

same sex parents in australia Life in a same-sex family: a personal story. Helen and Bernadette have two children – Madeleine, aged six, and Dominic, aged four. They live in a regional town in New South Wales. The children’s donor father, Craig, lives in Sydney.* Helen ‘We were in a relationship for several years and we both decided we wanted to have children.

Same-sex parented families in Australia

same sex parents in australia Corpus ID: 28635403. Same-sex parented families in Australia @inproceedings{Dempsey2013SamesexPF, title={Same-sex parented families in Australia}, author={Deborah Dempsey}, year={2013} }

Same-Sex: Same Entitlements: Chapter 12 | Australian Human

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Same-sex couple families in Australia | Australian

parent in a same-sex couple does not appear to take into account the best. interests of the child as a primary consideration. Such laws are in breach of. article 3(1) in conjunction with article 2 of the CRC. 3.5.3 Discrimination. against same-sex parents can interfere with the performance of …

Same-sex parenting: a family story | Raising Children Network

same sex parents in australia A group of 150 doctors, called Doctors for the Family, have made a submission to the Senate inquiry into gay marriage which argues that children of same-sex parents suffer poorer health and well

Marriage equality and same-sex parenting in Australia

support the common responsibilities of both same-sex parents to. fulfil child-rearing responsibilities (CRC, article 18(1), article. 2(1)) a same-sex parent who is unable to pursue child support from his or her former partner may be at a financial disadvantage when compared. to an opposite-sex parent in the same